Amendatory Ordinance No. 05-A1


Amendment to Section H : Land Use Element, Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Arena, Wisconsin



Whereas the Town of Arena has had opportunity to review the criteria for Planned Unit Developments;


Whereas a public hearing has been held on Tuesday, July 19, 2005 in compliance with the requirements of section 66.1001(4)(d) of the Wisconsin Statutes;


Whereas the Plan Commission of the Town of Arena, by a majority vote of the commission recorded in its official minutes, has recommended the Town Board adopt this amendment to the Town of Arena Comprehensive Plan;


The Town Board of the Town of Arena, Iowa County, Wisconsin, do ordain as follows:


Page H-4




At the present time, the Town of Arena will:

·        Continue to review potential criteria (including total parcel size) for Planned Unit Developments within the Town of Arena.


The Town of Arena may consider more complex developments, such as planned unit developments in the future.  The purpose of planned complex developments are to encourage the development of planned agricultural, commercial, and/or residential neighborhoods and communities that provide a full range of residence types as well as certain agricultural, commercial and office uses designed to serve the inhabitants.  It is recognized that only through ingenuity, imagination and high quality design can residential and other developments be produced which are in keeping with the intent of this Comprehensive Plan while departing from the strict application of conventional use and dimensional requirements found within a typical subdivision.  Platted subdivisions conforming to the Iowa County Subdivision and Land Division Ordinance may be permitted within a Planned Unit Development. 



At a minimum, the following information will need to be submitted to the Town of Arena Plan Commission in order to begin preliminary review of a Planned Unit Development (PUD).


a)     A minimum total parcel size of 640 contiguous acres under single, corporation, firm, partnership or association of ownership to be considered for a PUD.


b)     A minimum lot size of 2 acres for single family residential building sites within a PUD.


c)      A density standard of 1 residential building site per 30 acres in a PUD; all existing residential structures count against the density standard.


d)     A minimum of 50% of the PUD remains in open space.


e)     Evidence of adequate financial resources to complete the proposed project.


f)        Proposed land uses, the location of various dwelling types and dwelling unit densities, and the location of all other proposed buildings and construction.


g)     Proposed primary traffic circulation pattern, including proposed public and private streets and maintenance of those streets. 


h)      Proposed park, playgrounds and other common open space areas. 


i)        Proposed delineation of units or phases to be constructed in progression. 


j)        Proposed means of dedication of common open space areas and organizational arrangements for the ownership, maintenance, preservation of common open space, streets, and other common facilities, including a copy of the homeowners’ or property owners association bylaws, if such organization is to be used. 


k)      Relation of land uses in the surrounding area to the land use plan for the PUD. 


l)        Impact on all public services. 


m)   Proposal for handling drainage, water and sewage plans.





Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Arena, Wisconsin, this 8th day of August, 2005.


Robert Murphy


Robert Murphy, Chair, Town of Arena


Laurie Ziebarth


Laurie Ziebarth, Clerk, Town of Arena




Date Posted:  8-8-05