Amendatory Ordinance No. 05-A2


Amendment to Section H : Land Use Element, Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Arena, Wisconsin



Whereas the Town of Arena has had opportunity to review the residential density standard;


Whereas a public hearing has been held on Tuesday, July 19, 2005 in compliance with the requirements of section 66.1001(4)(d) of the Wisconsin Statutes;


Whereas the Plan Commission of the Town of Arena, by a majority vote of the commission recorded in its official minutes, has recommended the Town Board adopt this amendment to the Town of Arena Comprehensive Plan;


The Town Board of the Town of Arena, Iowa County, Wisconsin, do ordain as follows:


1. Change the residential density standard from 40 to 30 acres.


Page H-2




1. Enforce a development density of one home per 30 acres in the Town of Arena.


In order to establish a residential density that is appropriate to the land and the rural character of community services, and to limit the impact of land speculation upon farmlands in the Town, the policy shall be to have dwelling units at a density of not more than one (1) dwelling unit per thirty (30) acres.


This density standard shall be determined on the basis of contiguous ownership parcels of record as listed in the Town of Arena property tax rolls as of January 1, 2005. Existing farm related dwellings are counted against the density standard.


All vacant parcels, 40 acres or less, existing prior to adoption of the Town of Arena 40-Acre Ordinance (November, 1983) will be grandfathered to allow one dwelling unit, subject to an agreement by the property owner that the entire parcel be deed restricted by covenant to have no more than one dwelling unit per 40 acres as a condition of approval of a rezoning or a building permit issued by the Town.


2. Require a minimum lot size of 5 acres for residential development.


The minimum parcel size for dwellings in conformance with one unit per 30-acre policy is five (5) acres. Residential building sites shall not contain more than one (1) acre of farmland as defined herein.


Page H-3


6.      Non-residential development structures are allowed development that will be permitted, but may not exceed 600 square feet.


Accessory building, storage buildings or similar buildings, not intended for year round occupancy and not related to a farm or permitted dwelling may be allowed on a case-by-case conditional approval basis. In no such case shall the structure exceed 600 sq. ft. or have internal plumbing. Recreation cabins will be limited to one (1) per thirty (30) acres the same provisions as a residential dwelling unit.





Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Arena, Wisconsin, this 8th day of August, 2005.



Robert Murphy


Robert Murphy, Chair, Town of Arena


Laurie Ziebarth


Laurie Ziebarth, Clerk, Town of Arena




Date Posted: 8-8-05