Amendatory Ordinance No. 05-A3


Amendment to Section H : Land Use Element, Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Arena, Wisconsin



Whereas the Town of Arena has had opportunity to review section H of the Comprehensive Plan;


Whereas a public hearing has been held on Tuesday, November 8, 2005 in compliance with the requirements of section 66.1001(4)(d) of the Wisconsin Statutes;


Whereas the Plan Commission of the Town of Arena, by a majority vote of the commission recorded in its official minutes, has recommended the Town Board adopt this amendment to the Town of Arena Comprehensive Plan;


The Town Board of the Town of Arena, Iowa County, Wisconsin, do ordain to adopt the following changes to Section H:



Page H-1 under Executive Summary:


The Town of Arena long-range land use planning goals are

        Preserve the family farm and farmland in the Town of Arena

        Guide the future growth of the Town in a planned fashion

        Plan for the provision of necessary public services

        Protect the natural environment

        Preserve the rural atmosphere in the Town of Arena


Page H-2 under Land Use Policies:


The Town of Arena will:

        Continue to review all criteria included in the Land Use Section. (At a minimum the Town Board and Plan Commission will review the development density (1 per 40 acres) and minimum lot size (5 acres) by January 1, 2006.)



Page H-2 under Farm Preservation:


3.      Limit non-farm development on productive farmlands (lands having a history of farming activity including cropland and pasture land) and /or lands containing soils defined as Class I, II, or III soils as designated in the Soil Survey Report for Iowa County prepared by the US Soil Conservation Service.





One exception to this policy will be granted to allow an owner of a farm prior to January 1, 1985, to build on a maximum 5 acre parcel of productive farmland, contingent upon that parcel being bordered on two sides by a roadway or property line, and the owner has an available building site based on the residential density standards.


4.      Restrict the location of new private driveways or roads through the Town of Arena Driveway Ordinance.


New private driveways or roads shall not be permitted to cross or dissect productive farmlands unless allowed located along existing line fences as of October 1985 January 1, 2005, or natural features such as a stream.



Page H-3 under Residential Development:


1.      Allow a maximum of four six homes to cluster in any given area.

No more than four six dwelling units will be allowed to cluster with abutting parcel boundaries or on a shared driveway.

2.      No more than four dwelling units will be allowed to cluster with abutting parcel boundaries or on a shared driveway. (Duplicate Statement)


5. All future mobile homes in the Town of Arena will be required to be located in mobile home parks as defined in Wisconsin Statutes and shall be connected to the Village of Arena sanitary sewer collection and treatment system. (Existing mobile homes may be replaced on the same site within six (6) months from the date of mobile home removal, provided that the a mobile home on that site has been humanly occupied since January 1, 1985.)


Page H-5 under Town of Arena Comprehensive Plan Definitions:


The Town of Arena will use section 13 of the Iowa County Zoning Ordinance.


Farm: A farm unit providing a person or family with at least 30 percent of their taxable income (depreciation may be added back into the farm income) from agricultural products or goods produced on the farm.

Farm-Related Dwelling: A dwelling for a person or family providing at least 30 percent of the total labor necessary to operate the farm.

Farmlands: Lands having a history of farming activity (including cropland and pastureland) or lands containing soils defined as Class I, II, or III soils as designated in the Soil Survey Report for Iowa County prepared by the US Soil Conservation Service.

Animal Unit: One animal unit shall be defined as being equivalent to 1 cow, 4 hogs, 10 sheep, 10 goats, 100 poultry, 1 horse or 1 pony.

Farm Unit: Farm buildings, structure, and/or dwellings arranged in a cluster served by a common driveway and meeting the definition of farm provided herein.

Mobile Home: Manufactured housing built on a chassis and designed to be transported. A mobile home shall be construed to remain a mobile home whether or not wheels, axels, hitch or other appurtenances of mobility are removed and regardless of the nature of the foundation provided. A mobile home shall be construed to include travel trailers and other forms of recreation vehicles set up for occupancy.


Page H-5 under Town of Arena Performance Standards: Add point 5


The following performance standards have been developed to implement the Town of Arenas Comprehensive Plan. The implementation of these standards will be accomplished in the regulatory framework of

1.      The existing County Zoning Ordinance and Sanitation Ordinance

2.      A Town of Arena Land Division Ordinance

3.      A Town of Arena Building Ordinance

4.      A Driveway Ordinance

5.      Iowa County Subdivision and Land Division Ordinance


Page H-5 under Driveway Standards:


1b. Two (2) to four (4) six (6) maximum dwellings on a shared driveway require a 16 roadway width. The maximum grade slope must not exceed 10 percent with a horizontal curve radius of 40.


2. Driveway Construction will not be permitted to bisect farmlands except within the one (1) acres of the building site. In cases where there is no other option, driveway construction may be permitted within fifty (50) feet of line fences as of October 1985 January 1, 2005 or other natural feature currently dividing farmlands.


3. Driveways may be shared but shall be limited to provide access to no more than four (4) six (6) dwelling units or parcels. Any driveway proposed for joint use shall be required to have recorded multi-party access easements and maintenance agreements reviewed and approved by the Town.


9. Grading for driveway construction will be required to preserve or match the natural contours of the site. Driveway alignment should follow the natural terrain. Grading should attempt to retain existing trees and other natural vegetation to stabilize hillside cuts. The maximum grade of cut and fill slopes shall be 3 horizontal to 1 vertical. The top and toe of the slopes shall be rounded to avoid additional erosion. Any cut and fill slopes greater than 3 to 1 will require the construction of a retaining wall, rip-rapping or similar soil stabilization technique. Erosion control measures shall be required to be planted with permanent vegetation to reduce soil erosion. The Town may require the preparation of construction and erosion control plans approved by a registered engineer of the Iowa County Soil Conservation Service Office.


Page H-6 under Building Standards:


No person, firm, or corporation shall construct or locate any building or structure listed below in the Town of Arena without conforming to the following standards and receiving written approval of the Town.


1.      None of the following building or structures shall be constructed, erected, or located within the Town of Arena without prior written approval of the Town of Arena.

a.      Principal buildings or structures as defined in the Iowa County Zoning Ordinance.

b.     Recreation cabins, accessory building, storage buildings not related to a principal building or use of the site.

c.      Agricultural confinement buildings meeting the standards in number 8 of the Farm Preservation Policies.


Page H-6 under Variances:


1.      Where, in the judgment of the Plan Commission and the Town Board it would be inappropriate to apply literally the provision of the Comprehensive Plan because exceptional or undue hardship would result, the requirements may be waived or modified to the extent deemed just and proper. All such variances will require the approval of the Town Plan Commission and the Town Board. The reason for any variance or modification shall be stated in writing and entered in to the official minutes of the Town.



Page H-6 Add Section D Fees:


Fee Schedule:

        Residential building permit $1000

        Recreational building permit $100

        Driveway permit $500

        Rezoning fee $250

        Land division fee $250

        Conditional use fee $250

        Mobile home replacement fee (excluding mobile home parks) $100




Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Arena, Wisconsin, this 12th day of December, 2005.



____Robert Murphy_____

Robert Murphy, Chair, Town of Arena


____Laurie Ziebarth___

Laurie Ziebarth, Clerk, Town of Arena



Date Posted: 12/12/2005